Patient Relations

Ensuring the Highest Standards of Quality Care

The Patient Relations Department promotes and ensures the highest standards of quality care for all patients, family members, visitors and guests.

The department's role is to make absolutely certain that any concerns, issues or formal complaints are addressed in a satisfactory manner and that the expectations of patients and/or their family members are met to their satisfaction. When necessary, Patient Relations Representatives meet with the Directors and/or Clinical Coordinators of various departments to discuss how to resolve patient satisfaction issues with respect to nursing care, food service, housekeeping, maintenance, and any other areas. Patient Relations Representatives also serve as a liaison between doctors, medical staff, and patients.

The Patient Relations Department promotes the Speak-Up Program, which encourages patients to become an active member of their own health care.

Patient Relations Representatives also play an active role in our local communities by coordinating health fairs and screenings to promote healthy behaviors and enhance awareness of HackensackUMC Palisades' services and programs.

For more information about the Patient Relations Department, please call (201) 854-5751.